Margaret River Magic

The Margaret river region is synonymous worldwide with abundance, quality and innovation. The thriving local food scene is famous for its circular food philosophy, passion for sustainable and ethical farming and respect for the land.

The Spice Mistress

Sarina is a 12th generation Spice Mistress who believes that spices, and how we use them help weave a story of who we are.

More than just a flavour tool, Sarina knows that spices can unlock memories, connection and communication. Believing that spice can act as a conduit to fully enjoying life, we can’t wait to learn more from her at Origins Market!

Sam’s Foodie Goods

A Masterchef fan favourite, Samira was known for her innovative and beautiful dishes on the show. Back home in WA, she has created Sam’s Foodie Goods, combining her love of photography and cooking to share recipes and visitors to the region. If her creations have your mouth watering then stay tuned for workshop announcements for your chance to learn from the best at Origins Market.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know two local legends from Margaret River this week. Stay tuned for the next chapter of our curation journey and if you know somewhere we need to visit, get in touch!

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