The Gascoyne Foodbowl

The stunning Gascoyne region is well known for their amazing gastronomic offerings. Abundant with tropical fruits, succulent seafood and high quality meat, the region is home to some of the finest produce in Australia that we can’t wait to share with you!

Sweeter Banana

Did you know that the Sweeter Banana takes twice as long as a normal banana to ripen, making it the ultimate slow food! The Sweeter Banana Co-op is owned by 25 farmers on family run farms along the Gascoyne River. This, along with their sustainable business practices, makes them the perfect fit for Origins Market.

Homestead Hampers

Last year we met with Chris Heym to learn more about the delicious products from Homestead Hampers. Top of the list were their irresistible pies, made using nutritious and chemical free rangeland goat which has been raised on bush tucker.

These pies are both sustainable AND delicious – we can’t wait to pick one (or two) up on a weekend food run to Origins Market.

We hope you have enjoyed this behind the scenes peek at some of Gascoyne’s best producers!

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